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1 I think it may be time to oil the door hinges for the group study rooms in the library. Room 306 specifically is very loud.
Comment from Ethan on Sep 14 2014

Thanks for the heads-up.  We have a very large can of WD-40 for just these kinds of situations and will deploy it as soon as possible.

Dan Burgard

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

2 I feel it would be a great service to the students to improve the hours of the coffee bar. It seems to very rarely be open when in demand the most.
Comment from Anonymous on Jul 31 2014

Thank you for submitting your comment.  The Java Lab is a private enterprise that rents space from UNTHSC and and sets its own hours.  They have always been receptive to suggestions in the past, however, and I encourage you to directly communicate with the coffee shop employees about their open hours.  You can also go to the cafeteria in MET and mention your concerns to Troy, the manager of both the Java Lab and the Four Star cafeteria.  We will also discuss operating hours with Troy and encourage him to stay open longer.

Thanks again for your question.

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

3 Can we please have some reserve calculators that are the same model as the ones that we use in CAPs tests?
Comment from Joyce on Jun 26 2014

Thanks for submitting this suggestion.  We will obtain some of these calculators and make them available for check out.

*** The calculators are avalable for check out as of July 1.

Dan Burgard

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

4 Hi, Are there any plans to install bottle-filling dispensers at the water fountains as seen in other UNTHSC buildings?
Comment from FD on Jun 22 2014

Hi.  A bottle-filling dispenser has been installed on the main floor of the library near the women's restroom. The last renovation plan I saw included at least one more such dispenser that would be on the top floor.  I will check with the construction workers on Monday morning to verify this and post updated information.

*** Updated Information, Monday, 6/23/14 - Good news!  The current renovation plans include the installation of a bottle-filling water dispenser on each floor of the library building. 

Thanks for asking your question!

Dan Burgard

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

5 More study ROOMS on the quiet floor (or just more quiet study space in general for when exams are coming up...
Comment from Hannah on May 11 2014

Thank you for providing this feedback.  We are always looking for ways to improve our mix of rooms, tables, and carrels.  It is not easy to add rooms in the building but we are currenlty evaluating the addition of some new, larger study carrels with four walls and a door to the top floor of the building. 

We are also considering the addition of more modern study carrels.  You can see a sample of such a carrel on the north end of the top floor.  These are not as private as a room but they do provide a sizeable work surface and some degree of seclusion.

Dan Burgard
Library Director

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

6 It's too hot on the 4th floor (Sunday May 11th around 5:40PM)! It's hard to study when it's so hot. Is there anyway to make it cooler in now?!
Comment from TCOM student on May 11 2014

Thank you for letting us know about the temperature problem.  We will call this in to the UNTHSC Facilities Department asap.

You can always notify the library employees at the main service desk about buiilding temperature problems.  They will be happy to call for help.  

Thanks again for letting us know about this.  We do rely on library users' feedback to make sure we are providing the best experience possible.

Dan Burgard
Library Director

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

7 The internet is really slow this afternoon and these periodic episodes of anemic internet have happened a lot recently. I usually study on the 4th floor and I depend on the internet for my studying. Can anything be done about it? Thanks.
Comment from Elliot on Feb 25 2014

Hi.  Thank you for letting us know about the slow Internet connection on the top floor.  We will get in touch with the campus IT office immediately and let them know about the problem.  We will take whatever steps they recommend, including possibly upgrading hardware, to try to fix the problem.  Also, you should feel free to check with the IT Help Desk if you at all suspect that your device(s) may be having troubles on its own.  

Again, thanks for submitting your comment.  We do rely on your input to let us know how we are doing and what we can improve!

Dan Burgard
Library Director

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

8 Fix the internet
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 25 2014

 We are always working on the wired and wireless Internet connections and appreciate any feedback you can give on the network in our building.  If you have any specific examples or suggestions of how we can improve the computing experience in the Library, please let us know.

Dan Burgard
Library Director

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

9 After finding a paper on pubmed, there is an option to "Find Full Text at UNTHSC". Clicking on that green button brings you back to UNTHSC's website to find the article. There is currently an option to export the citation to html or text files but the "AMA" style is not available. The only way to automatically generate these citations is to export the paper to refworks, which is fine but it adds an extra unnecessary step. Is it possible to add AMA to the citation generator?
Comment from Jon on Feb 12 2014

Update as of Friday, February 14 - The AMA citation style has been added as an option on the "Find Full Text" page.  Please check it to see if it meets your needs and let us know what you think.  Thanks again for asking about this.  Comments such as yours are a great help in our effort to make forward progress in meeting student needs.


Thanks for submitting your question.  We will investigate the issue and post an answer back in this space soon.  In the meantime, if you need assistance with citation formatting, you can get in touch with one of our instruction librarians.  Here is their contact information:

  • Jack Boettcher, Instruction Librarian - LIB-222F, 817-735-2388,
  • Michele Whitehead, Instruction Librarian - LIB-222E, 817-735-2590,
Please check back here for an answer on the automated AMA citation issue.

Answered by Daniel E. Burgard, Library Director

10 Is there anyway we can fix the situation of the two offices located on the 4th floor. There are always people in the offices either talking loudly on the phone or with other colleagues and the sound travels throughout the 4th floor especially into the study rooms on the other side. It just seems to defeat the purpose of a designated quiet area to study when employee/faculty are being that loud. In a normal situation it would not be but because of the quiet nature of the 4th floor the chattering is just infinitely exasperated.
Comment from Frustrated Med Student on Jan 08 2014

Sorry about the noise on the 4th floor and you are correct that we have a space usage mismatch at the moment.  We will work with the employees to ensure they are as quiet as possible.  We will also investigate other physical sound proofing options.  

Thanks for reporting this issue.  We do rely on such feedback to make sure the library is meeting your needs.

Dan Burgard
Library Director

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