FAQs: Course Reserves - Students

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1. Can I get on a waiting list or place a hold on reserve items?

No. In order to be as fair as possible, all reserve items are first come, first served.

2. Can I renew a reserve item?

No, renewals are not permitted so that availability can be maximized.   For two-hour and four-hour items, there is a required waiting period of 30 minutes before the same person can check out the same item again. For all other items, you must wait until the Library opens on the following day.

3. Do I need a password to use e-reserves?

No password is needed to access the course reserve list from the Library website, or to use any e-reserves that are not protected by copyright or license agreement. If you are not on the UNTHSC network, you will be asked to enter your UNTHSC network user name and password when linking to our licensed resources. Locally prepared e-reserves that are covered by copyright are protected with a password that the instructor will give to the members of the class. The password should not be shared with anyone else.  If you forget the password, please contact the instructor.

4. How long can I use reserve items?

Usually, reserves check out for two hours. Instructors designate the loan period for course reserves: two hours, four hours, 24 hours, or three days. All two-hour and four-hour items must be used in the library. No time limits are enforced on electronic reserves, but please be courteous when linking to one of the Library's subscription databases. The number of UNTHSC patrons who can access them at one time is limited in some cases, so it's best to download a copy of assigned readings and close the database.

5. What are “reserves”?

Reserves are materials chosen by an instructor to supplement their courses. Reserves can be physical materials or electronic content. Physical items are given reserve status to ensure that all members of the class can use them within a limited period of time. Some reserves are high-use or theft-prone materials and are given reserve status by the library staff.

6. Where are the reserves?

Print materials and media are located at the Service Desk on the main floor of the library.

To find reserve materials, select "Course Reserves" from the list of Quick Links found in the center of the homepage. Next, select “Course Reserve Lists” to look up the reserve list for your course. From the reserve list, you can link to the record for each item to check its location and status, or to access electronic content. Some instructors may provide a direct link to their course reserve lists from Canvas.

7. Why doesn’t the library have one of my required readings on reserve?

The two most common explanations are that a reserve request for the item has not been received from the instructor, or that the item is on order. When a reserve request is received from a faculty member or department, several processing steps must occur in order to make the item available. Our guidelines call for three days working time during the semester and one week at the beginning of the semester to process the reserve request. If a requested item is not owned by the library, up to six weeks is needed to order, receive, and process the material. If you think something should be on reserve but isn’t, the library staff will be happy to check its status. If it has not been requested, please follow up with your instructor.

8. Will I be charged for returning reserve items late?

Yes, overdue fines accrue at the rate of $1 per hour from the time the item becomes overdue and each following hour until the item is checked in.
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