FAQs: Computers & Networks

1. Do I need a password to use e-reserves?

No password is needed to access the course reserve list from the Library website, or to use any e-reserves that are not protected by copyright or license agreement. If you are not on the UNTHSC network, you will be asked to enter your UNTHSC network user name and password when linking to our licensed resources. Locally prepared e-reserves that are covered by copyright are protected with a password that the instructor will give to the members of the class. The password should not be shared with anyone else.  If you forget the password, please contact the instructor.

2. How can I use the campus wireless network to access the Internet?

Wireless access to the Internet is provided throughout the Library. UNTHSC patrons normally can just launch an Internet browser, then log in with their HSC Network Account user name and password.  Visitors must request a guest user name and password at the Service Desk.  A photo ID and a signature are required.

3. May I use one of the Library's computers?

UNTHSC students, faculty, and staff members may use the computer lab on Level 2 (Room 225) when it is not reserved for a class.  The computers outside of Room 225 are available to UNTHSC patrons at all times; please keep your ID badge visible to Library staff members. Visitors can sign up at the Service Desk for a two-hour session on one of the designated Health Information Station computers. The labs on Level 4 (Rooms 400 and 410) are dedicated training facilities and are not open for general use.

4. What help is available for the Anatomage Anatomy Dissection Table?

Video tutorials and other information is available on the Anatomage Table webpage. If you think the Anatomage is malfunctioning, contact the Computer Helpdesk at helpdesk@live.unthsc.edu, or stop by LIB-205.

5. Where is the IR Computer Helpdesk, and what are its hours?

The Helpdesk is located on the main floor of the library (Level 2) in Rooms 202 and 219.  The full-service hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.  Additionally, computer help is available for students until 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.  For more information, go to http://helpdesk.hsc.unt.edu/.
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