FAQs: Pharos Printing, Computers & Networks

1. Do I need a password to use e-reserves?

No password is needed to access the course reserve list from the Library website, or to use any e-reserves that are not protected by copyright or license agreement. If you are not on the UNTHSC network, you will be asked to enter your UNTHSC network user name and password when linking to our licensed resources. Locally prepared e-reserves that are covered by copyright are protected with a password that the instructor will give to the members of the class. The password should not be shared with anyone else.  If you forget the password, please contact the instructor.

2. Do the laptops and computer lab computers have the latest version of SPSS/SAS?

The laptops and computers have the latest version for which we have a license. We get the licenses from Denton because of the expense, but we try to stay as current as possible.

3. Do you loan out chargers for the school-issued laptops?

We have purchased two for each of the last four model laptops issued by the school.

4. How can I print double sided?

Usually this will be dependent on the program you are printing from.  For most Office applications, like Word and PowerPoint, on a PC you will want to check Printer Properties from the print screen (where you select the printer).  Go to the Finishing tab and be sure that 2-sided printing is selected as the Style.

On a Mac, use Command + P to call up the print menu.  Where Copies & Pages is showing, select Layout. Beside the Two-Sided option, be sure you have Long-Edge binding or Short-Edge binding selected, depending on what you want.

5. How can I use the campus wireless network to access the Internet?

Wireless access to the Internet is provided throughout the Library. UNTHSC patrons normally can just launch an Internet browser, then log in with their HSC Network Account user name and password.  Visitors must request a guest user name and password at the Service Desk.  A photo ID and a signature are required.

6. How do I change / reset my password?

To change your network password, go to http://ams.unt.edu/ and follow the prompts. 

7. How do I download the Pharos program?

The Pharos printer drivers are available at http://pharos.hosts.hsc.unt.edu/uniprint. Select the link for your computer (either PC or Mac) and follow the instructions. 

8. How do I print to the printer?

Printing is usually determined by the application.  Usually using File -> Print or CTRL + P on a PC will bring up the print process.  On a Mac, using Command + P will usually accomplish this.

9. How do you print multiple slides of a PowerPoint on one page/side?

On a Mac, do Command + P to bring up printer options.  Where Copies and Pages is showing, select Layout.  Beside Pages per Sheet, select the number of slides you want per page.  On a PC, when you choose to print (File -> Print or CTRL + P), one of the options usually defaults to Full Page Slides. Click on that option and choose the number of slides you want on one page.

10. May I use one of the Library's computers?

UNTHSC students, faculty, and staff members may use the computer lab on Level 2 (Room 225) when it is not reserved for a class.  The computers outside of Room 225 are available to UNTHSC patrons at all times; please keep your ID badge visible to Library staff members. Visitors can sign up at the Service Desk for a two-hour session on one of the designated Health Information Station computers. The labs on Level 4 (Rooms 400 and 410) are dedicated training facilities and are not open for general use.

11. What do I do if my computer won't connect to the Wi-Fi?

Be sure your wireless network adapter is turned on. Some Windows 7 PCs need a change to their wireless settings.  See the Help Desk for assistance or the Systems Librarian. 

12. Where is the IR Computer Helpdesk, and what are its hours?

The Helpdesk is located on the main floor of the library (Level 2) in Rooms 202 and 219.  The full-service hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.  Additionally, computer help is available for students until 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.  For more information, go to http://helpdesk.hsc.unt.edu/.

13. Who can help me with the Anatomage table, VH Dissector, and other technology on the third floor?

The main support for that technology is handled through the Help Desk.  We do have a web page (http://library.hsc.unt.edu/content/collaborative-learning-commons) that has links to some tutorials, manuals, etc.

14. Why are my print jobs not showing in the queue?

There are a couple of things that could cause this to happen. If the Pharos popup box did not come up, then your computer (PC or Mac) may need to be restarted. Be sure you selected one of the Pharos printers to print to, rather than PDF or a different printer you might have available on your computer. If the Pharos popup box did come up, did you enter your EUID in the box?  Your EUID is usually your initials plus four numbers.  After entering your EUID, be sure you clicked “Print” rather than Cancel on the popup box. Also, you could have entered your EUID incorrectly. 

15. Why can’t I access e-journals (full text articles) from off-campus?

If you access e-journals through our website from off-campus, at some point you will be asked to log in.  Once you do, you will be accessing e-journals just like you would if you were on-campus.  However, sometimes an e-journal has not been added to our configuration because of the way journals come and go from our suppliers.  In that case, you will receive an error message. We receive the error message too and within 1 business day, we will update the configuration and your journal should be accessible.  If not, please contact the Reference Office of the library.

16. Why do I have to restart or power on/off my school issued Mac for it to work properly with printers to print my jobs? Can this error be fixed?

Sometimes computers and computer programs have problems that only a restart will fix. 

17. Why does nothing happen when I press “Print”?

The current version of Mac has had some issues with Pharos; however, we are preparing to upgrade to a later version of Pharos which hopefully will resolve these issues.  So far, testing has been positive.  Restarting your Mac may be the best solution to this problem. Other problems that can prevent printing include the computer not being connected to the network.

18. Why isn’t Pharos compatible with Windows 8.1?

The version of Pharos we currently are on is not compatible with Windows 8.1 because of changes Microsoft made to their operating system. However, we are preparing to upgrade Pharos to a later version that should work fine with the most recent versions of Windows and Mac.

19. Why won’t my computer connect to the Pharos printing?

Be sure that your computer is connected to the campus network.  If you are off-campus, you have to use the VPN (http://vpnweb.unthsc.edu/) to connect to our network.
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