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A directory of academic research repositories that provide open access to documents.  In addition to records containing information about the repositories, the OpenDOAR site includes a search engine that allows users to search the contents of all the repositories at once.
OSTMED.DR is an osteopathic medicine digital library created by a partnership between the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine and VTLS, Inc. OSTMED.DR builds upon OSTMED, a bibliographic index to the literature of osteopathic medicine, by providing access to more than 30,000 citations. OSTMED.DR aims to provide ready access to both the current osteopathic literature and to historical documents. Please note that full-text access is currently no longer available in OSTMED.DR.
Contains more than 7,000 citations and abstracts for systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials that are relevant to occupational therapy. More than 1,000 journals are represented, and all are peer-reviewed.  Trials are reviewed and rated for internal validity and statistical reporting.  OTseeker is produced by a team from the University of Queensland and The University of Sydney.

Oxford Journals
Use this site to search the content of Oxford Journals -- look up a single article, search within a selected journal or journals, or search the contents of all available titles.