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National Library of Medicine Catalog
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Catalog provides access to bibliographic data for more than 1.2 million journals, books, audiovisuals, computer software, and other physical items, as well as electronic resources.  Includes records for the journals that are referenced in PubMed and other NCBI databases; these are especially useful for checking title abbreviations.
Natural & Alternative Treatments
Contains more than 700 evidence-based articles covering medical conditions, alternative therapies, herbs and supplements, functional foods, drug interactions, and homeopathy.  More than 12,000 articles are included that are based on double-blind, peer-reviewed studies.

Natural Standard
Natural Standard provides high-quality, evidence-based information about complementary and alternative medicine, including diets and dietary supplements, functional foods, exercises, and complementary practices.  Evidence is systematically collected, peer-reviewed, and then summarized in monographs, which are updated every 3-18 months depending on the topic.  Evidence grades are provided for common and studied uses.  The Natural Standard site offers continuing education for healthcare providers, as well as tools such as comparison charts, interaction checkers, calculators, a dictionary, and RSS feeds.
Nature Protocols

A journal database of peer-reviewed laboratory procedures related  to biology and the biomedical sciences. Many include videos showing procedural methods and results.  Subjects include cell biology, genetic analysis, immunological techniques, pharmacology, neuroscience, nanotechnology, protein analysis, proteomics, toxicology, virology and many more.  Coverage is from 2007 to present. 

Neuroscience Information Framework
An initiative of the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research, the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) database provides access to article citations and abstracts, as well as a variety of other Web-based resources such as research data, suppliers, images, grant awards, and more. Its distinctive features include a comprehensive vocabulary for searching neuroscience resources and the ability to search based on a specific gene. NIF is an open-source, networked environment that is accessible to researchers worldwide.

Newspaper Source
Newspaper Source provides cover-to-cover full text for 40 U.S. and international newspapers, including The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Times (London), and the Toronto Star.  The database also contains selected full text for more than 260 regional U.S. newspapers, including The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, The Miami Herald, Daily News (New York), and San Jose Mercury News.  Television and radio news transcripts are provided from CBS News, CNN, CNN International, FOX News, and NPR.
RePORTER provides access to reports, data, and analyses on National Institutes of Health research projects. Updated weekly, RePORTER provides the NIH funding history for each project and the publications and patents that have resulted from it. RePORTER also provides links to PubMed Central, PubMed, and the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Patent Full Text and Image Database.  Reports can be sorted and downloaded in Excel format. Search by Organization to get a list of UNTHSC research grants, or by Congressional District (Texas - 12) to find other grant recipients in the local area.